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Able Auto & Truck Repair provides CARQUEST parts for our customers in Bakersfield, CA to keep your vehicle in top running condition.  CARQUEST Auto Parts is the premier supplier of replacement products, accessories, supplies and equipment for virtually all vehicles on the road delivering quality you can trust.

Talk to our team of automotive repair technicians today about the right part for the right job at Able Auto & Truck Repair located at 2459 Fruitvale Ave, Suite 1 in Bakersfield, CA.  

CALL (661) 637-0669 or CLICK HERE ONLINE to schedule your appointment. 






Able Auto and Truck Repair

2459 Fruitvale Ave, Ste 1,
Bakersfield CA 93308

location small (661) 637-0669
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Weekdays:   8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturdays: Closed


EXCELLENT RATINGS:  Better Business Bureau, Roadside Assistance Program with ASE Technicians in Bakersfield, CA

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