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Courteous and Professional

"My brother and I have both had work done at this shop. While they did list potential repairs or areas of concern, just like Midas or other chain shops, they only repaired what we asked them to. It is a very courteous and professional shop and I recommend them to anyone."

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A Mechanic You Can Trust

I am 78 years old and really needed an auto repair place that I could trust. They understand I am am on a fixed income and don't have much to spend. They have been excellent. I have referred a few friends to them and they get the same great service. Nice to know there are some people around that have pride in doing the right thing.

Strongly Recommend Able Auto & Truck Repair

Great customer service, strongly recommend this shop for any of your service or repair needs.
On vacation heading to Disneyland with our family (from Seattle home of the SEAHAWKS!!!!!) We broke down at a rest area (cranks no start), had vehicle towed to shop, they where able to get to our car the next day and had a phone call with diagnostic report by 9:30am. (fuel pump failed)
They had our car fixed following business day due to parts availability (they special ordered part for next business day)
and had us back on the road to finish our vacation.
HOPEFULLY YOU WON'T BREAK DOWN, however if you do, strongly recommend this shop!
Very professional and understanding the importance of getting our car fixed quickly to continue our vacation.
** if I lived in Bakersfield, I would use this shop for my regular service/repair center

Thank you so much to Dan and his Team for everything!!

Scott H.

Lucky to Find Able Auto & Truck Repair

Able auto on Fruitvale ave has been doing most of the work on my 1969 Ford Torino GT for years and years including a complete front suspension overhaul, the engine, two different transmissions (the original and one I wanted installed), and the rear end. From fixing a wheel spindle that... I couldn't find ANYWHERE to replace it with to shortening and rebalancing the drive line to customizing my headers to fit the new tranny in, these guys have been helping me every step of the way and they do amazing work! Doesn't matter what you drive, Dan and Mike are simply the best, and I highly recommend giving them a call for little problems or big projects. I've sent any and all vehicles I've ever owned their way: a 2000 GMC sonoma 4x4, a few saturns, and a Toyota and everything gets handled right the first time. In 9 years of repeat business and patronage I have never had to take a vehicle back to them because something wasn't done right! In the auto industry, its very hard to find a shop that good, with employees that honest and ethical. I am very lucky I found them!

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Able Auto and Truck Repair

2459 Fruitvale Ave, Ste 1,
Bakersfield CA 93308

location small (661) 637-0669
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Weekdays:   8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturdays: Closed


EXCELLENT RATINGS:  Better Business Bureau, Roadside Assistance Program with ASE Technicians in Bakersfield, CA

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