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Our Customer Testimonials

Bethany said the business was able to do the oil change quickly and they were nice about it. - Bethany F.

Roy said this business provides good service. Dan does a very professional job and he knows he is well taken care of in his hands. - Roy S.

Kevin said this business was really nice and thorough with the repair on his vehicle. - Kevin B.

Heather said this business provided exceptional service and went above and beyond. - Heather M.

Mike & Dan have worked on my cars ever since they opened the business. Completely honest, completely competent, completely professional! - Jerry S.

Our customer reviews

Steve said this business always does a great job. - Steve K.

"Dan makes this place. I had a water leak and called Dan at 9am he said bring it in and diagnosed the leak and had it back the next day running perfect. Just got back from a 350 mile trip with no issues." - Scott H.

Jose said this business provided good service and excellent communication. It was what he expected.
  - Jose F.

"Honest company. Job done the same day." - Lisa U.

"They do a good job here and are honest. It is hard to find a good place to go that you can trust, but this is the place." - Lawrence W.

David said the business knows what they are doing and the prices are fair. - David B.

See what our customers are saying

"I would recommend this shop and would return again. Wonderful service and was very happy with the work they did." - Shelley J.

David said the business is fair, honest and friendly. They have good communication and are fairly priced. He said he thinks they are the best business of its type in Bakersfield. - David N.

Betty said this business was very good to her. They treated her well and she has no complaints about them. - Betty O.

Don said they were informative and took care of the problem. - Don O.

Fair Prices and Good Service

"It's always hard to find a mechanic who is knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy.  Able Auto is the one place I have found in Bakersfield that I can trust to take my car.  The owners talked to me personable and EXPLAINED and showed what needed to get done.  My 2000 4runner had some issues that would have taken me a few days to diagnose and fix and they got it done in one day. I was plenty satisfied with my experience and will always take my cars back to them.  Their prices are fair but they are not cheap, but when it comes to having someone fix your vehicle it is always better to pay more for someone who knows what they are doing.  You get what you pay for and I was happy with their service."

Able Auto and Truck Repair

2459 Fruitvale Ave, Ste 1,
Bakersfield CA 93308

location small (661) 637-0669
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Weekdays:   8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturdays: Closed


EXCELLENT RATINGS:  Better Business Bureau, Roadside Assistance Program with ASE Technicians in Bakersfield, CA

Able Auto And Truck Repair Reviews